Defying the power of gravity !!!


1. A glass
2. A plain paper or plastic board (Must be wider than the glass)
3. Water (Must be enough to fill the glass completely)


1. At first fill the glass completely with water.
2. Now place the board on top of the water filled glass and press it on the glass top gently.
3. Now hold the glass in revrse so that the top of the glass faces the ground.


You will see that the paper and the water in the glass are not falling! They are defying the power of gravity!!


You may say that the process is very easy but the real question is that, why this process is defying the power of gravity? When you fill the glass totally with water it covers the whole area in the glass. When you place the board and press it on the top of the glass then there is only water in the glass. No air is trapped inside it. And for that there is no air pressure in the glass but there is still air pressure outside the glass. So the air pressure outside pushes the board and make it stick on the glass top.  The board keeps the water from falling down. That’s how it defiance the power of gravity. It’s that simple!


Now let’s learn a bit about air pressure and the power of gravity.

At first we’ll talk about air pressure.

Air creates a force on every object because its moving molecules are constantly colliding with those objects. Air pressure is the measurement of this force. The pressure of the open air is normally called the atmospheric pressure. It is lower in high altitudes because in higher places the air is less dense. But the more lower we go the air pressure or the atmospheric pressure becomes more and more because the air is much more dense in lower places. It is also because all the heavy gases are found in the lower part due to the power of gravity. Power of gravity pulls all the gas molecules downwards. The heavier the gas molecule is the more it gets in lower places despite the fact that air molecules are always unstable.

Now it’s time to explain the power of gravity.

The power of gravity is really an amazing power. Gravity is a force of attraction. The power of gravity acts between any two objects. The objects can be as large as galaxies or as small as subatomic particles! The power of the gravity between two objects depends on their mass and distance between them. Objects with large masses exert a strong power of gravity. Objects far apart attract each other with a weak power of gravity.

Now that we have learnt about the air pressure and the power of gravity I’ll explain about the project a bit more.

When we stick the paper or plastic board on top of the water filled glass, no air will be trapped inside. And for that if we reverse the position of the glass, gravity will pull the water and paper. But with no air pressure supporting the power of gravity it is actually not enough to fight against the air pressure which is working upwards and pressing the board against the glass top. So that's why the board and water is not falling down.


1. See if the air pressure and the power of gravity have any effect if you do this project much higher from ground or much closer to ground.
2. Use other kinds of liquids such as oils to see if it defiance the power of gravity as well.
3. Put some small objects inside the completely water filled glass (Careful not to spill any water) to see if the project still defiance the power of gravity.


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