Boiling Water on Paper Cup!


1. A paper cup (The paper should be a bit thick)
2. Some water
3. A burner or a candle


1. At first put some water in the paper cup. It would be best if you put fresh water in the cup for the initial experiment.
2. Now hold the cup on top of the burner or candle or something that can be used to boil the water inside the paper.
3. Now turn on the burner or fire up the candle.
4. Careful not to let the fire to be very close to the edge of the paper cup.
5. Now observe what happens.


You will see that the amount of heat which was supposed to burn the paper cup didn’t burn it at all! And also the water has boiled after waiting up a few minutes with the heater turned on.


To burn something three basic elements are needed. These are - Burning material (which is the paper cup), Oxygen and Heat or temperature.

In this experiment the first two elements burning material (which is the paper cup) and Oxygen are present. But heat is absent. But how is it possible that heat is absent? I mean heat is constantly being given to the paper cup by the burner! Well it’s because the heat given by the burner is absorbed by the water inside the paper cup. That’s why the paper cup isn’t getting the necessary heat to be burned. And in the meanwhile if you wait up a bit longer the water will boil as well.


1. Try to make a boiled egg through this experiment
2. See if you can cook anything using this experiment. But be extremely careful. Try it on a small scale at first.


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