Bring an egg outside the bottle


1. A transparent bottle containing an egg inside it.

2. Vegetable oil or any other kind of oil

3. Your breath


1. At first apply the vegetable oil on the mouth of the bottle so that the egg can come out a little bit easier.

2. Turn the transparent bottle containing the egg inside it upside down so that the egg is on the inner mouth of the bottle. It should be also alright if you just tilt the bottle a bit. You can try it in both ways.

3. Now position the mouth of the upside down or tilted bottle just right over your mouth.

4. Now blow as hard as you can inside the bottle on the egg.

5. Observe what happens.


When you blow hard inside the bottle on the egg, the egg should slide out of the bottle very quickly. Careful not to let the egg hit your face.


The air pressure inside the bottle and outside the bottle is the same. The trick is to make the air pressure in the bottle greater than the air pressure outside the bottle. When you blow hard in the bottle with your breath actually a fast moving air enters the bottle. This changes the balance of the air pressure inside and outside of the bottle. Fast moving air exerts less pressure than the still air. That’s why when we blow on the egg inside the bottle the air pressure outside the bottle reduces but the air pressure inside the bottle is the same because it is still. So the air pressure inside the bottle becomes greater than the air pressure outside the bottle. That’s why the egg comes out the bottle. The vegetable oil used on the mouth also helps the egg to slide out a little more easily.


This experiment is based on Bernoulli’s principle. This principle states that – as the speed of the air is increased, the pressure which it exerts decreases. This principle of Bernoulli is used in various ways today such as designing airplanes, helicopters and other kinds of flying objects.


1. Use a pumper instead of your own breath.
2. See what will happen if you put hot water inside the bottle containing the egg.


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