Dome of eggshells!!!


  1. Four raw eggs
  2. Scissors with thin points like cuticle scissors
  3. Some scotch tape
  4. Two or three heavy books such as a dictionary or perhapes an encyclopedia


  1. At first, crack the eggs at the small ends carefully and then empty the eggs shells.
  2. After that, wash the shells with water and then dry it up.
  3. Then wrap scotch tape around the center of each of the eggshells.
  4. Then cut the eggshells through the tape and turn the four eggshells like domes.
  5. Now arrange the eggshells into a rectanguler formation with the side of the cut down on a flat surface. It shuld look like there 4 eggshell domes on 4 corners.
  6. Now put one book at a time on the 4 eggshells. Observe how many books can be added on top of the stack before the eggshells break down.


The dome like eggshells should be able to support about two or three books before it starts to crack.


The eggs or eggshells have a very strong architectural structure. The dome like shape of an egg distributes any weight laid one top of them evenly across the entire structure of an egg. The dome shaped eggs are able to support a lot of weight because the load weight is supported by the whole eggshell instead of just one point of the eggshell. That’s why the buildings with dome structures are very strong and don’t fall apart very easily. This is also why the birds can sit on top of their eggs without breaking them.


  1. Use different kinds of eggshells for this experiment.
  2. See how much weight can the eggshells support.
  3. Use different numbers of eggshells to see the result.
  4. Use a verity of eggshells to see the result.
  5. What will happen if the halves of the eggshells are put on their side?


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