Writing Secret Messages Without INK!


1. A plain surface such as glass, mirror, plastic board etc.
2. Two paper pages (It would be better if the pages are white)
3. A ball point pen or a pencil (It's fine even if the pen has no ink!)
4. Clear water


1. First use a bit of water to make one of the pages wet.
2. Now place the wet paper on the plain surface.
3. Now place a dry page over the wet page.
4. Write something on the dry page by pushing the pen a bit harder than usual.
5. See the wet page and let the page dry.
6. Now see the dried page and make it wet again!
7. See if you have any secret message or not!!
Secret Message!


1. When you write on the dry page you will see that the shape of the writings has been imprinted on the wet page.
2. When the page dries you will see no imprinting on the paper.
3. When you make the page wet again you will see the imprinted writings which you can refer as the secret message!


If we want to put it simply we can say that we can see the secret message after making the paper page wet again because the secret message was imprinted when the paper page was wet. So that means the secret message can be seen at the wet state of the paper page.
When you write on the dry page the wet page under beneath it squeezes and makes an imprinting of the writing. This happens because when the paper page is wet it becomes really soft and mushy. But when the paper dries it becomes as usual. When the paper page was wet it was stretched a bit but when it dried it becomes compressed again. The imprinting was made when the page was stretched. But when the page was compressed the imprinting became compressed as well. And for that it becomes hard to see the imprinting and makes it a secret message. But that’s not actually the main reason for not seeing the imprinting. The main reason is in a characteristic of light called reflection. When the paper page is dry light reflects from the imprinting in one way. But when the paper page dries light reflects from the imprinting in a different way. That’s why the imprinting disappears and we can easily make secret messages.


At first we’ll talk about light a little bit.
Well first of all without light you won’t be able to see this writing because it is light that enables us to see everything around us. Light is a form of energy. There are different theories supporting both particle and wave form of light. At present it is accepted to all the scientists that light can both be in particle and wave form. When light strikes a shiny object it bounces off the surface of that object. This process is called reflection. However, all the materials or objects in the world reflect light which enables us to see the object. Some objects reflect less light and some reflect more light. When light fall upon an object it reflects it and when the reflected ray of light come into our eyes then we can see. Now the fact that different materials reflect light differently is the secret behind the secret message technic. When the paper page is dry it absorbs and reflects light differently than it would when it was wet. That’s why our eyes couldn’t catch the secret message when the paper page is dry.


1. Use other kinds of liquids such as oil instead of water.
2. Use different kinds of papers as well as papers of different thickness.


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